When the Wait is longer than Expected


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He’s attractive, wanted to be married and he had a job. In fact, he was a Pastor. He had plenty of attractive women interested in him. However, no one felt quite right. There was not one single women he wanted to ask to become his wife. Was something wrong with him? Was he just too picky? That is exactly what his close friends were saying. His 20’s came and went and so did his 30’s. Now, this not so young anymore Pastor, wondered whether he would ever feel “free” to marry anyone. During what may have been the 100th time of him seeking the Lord regarding marriage and the answer to the question, “who is my wife?” he finally received an answer. The answer was his old friend’s ex-wife with two teenage children. I am sure there was a celebration because he finally had an answer to his decades old question but after the celebration he had to think, wait… what?! Does God’s direction for your life leave you shaking your head in disbelief? Are you single and the wait has been longer than you expected for marriage? Take some time to dive into Pastor Tim Spirk’s story and listen out for his Hope Keys. This is a wild, sometimes humorous journey that is full of the challenge of waiting and ultimately the victory of waiting for the right one. If you like listening to stories like Pastor Tim’s then check out my book God Did It: Answered Prayers for Love and Marriage. The first 6 chapters are stories you may relate to. Look for Chapter 3 “Margo Taylor’s God’s Appointed Time “ and Chapter 4 Deb Fuller’s “It’s Time To Wake Up.” Both of these stories are about the author’s journey’s from being Single to Married. Each story will stir your heart to hope once again. If you listen don’t forget to leave a review about the podcast. I really would appreciate it!

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