When Two Cultures Merge


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People from different countries, ethnicities and races have greater opportunities to interact with one another. We attend school, church, work and socialize together. Even beyond that, we can meet online which strips away almost any hindrances. Many boundaries and social constraints to intercultural and interracial unions no longer exist. Still there can be unique challenges when two cultures merge in marriage. Today’s podcast dives into the journey of Daniel and Elisha Chege from Kenya & West Virginia, USA. Daniel was a young man who had gone through a major disruption in his life in Kenya, where political unrest and tribal alliances demanded this family uproot quickly and leave their home. Meanwhile Elisha was a joyful but exhausted single mother of three children. Fate brought these two together. They share the issues leading up to an interracial and intercultural union, such as the reservations of family and even their own hesitancy as they approached their decision to marry. They also share hope keys for those who are approaching the merging of cultures in their own lives. Today they are joyful in marriage & the proud parents of 4 beautiful children. If you are looking for a Christian Marriage and Family counselor in central PA, feel free to contact BarryMcClay@gmail.com He even does home visits!

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