Reaching Muslim Refugees in the United States with Marie Matey


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Today I’m talking with Marie Matey, a missionary to refugees in the United States from closed countries where most live their entire lives without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ. God called Marie and her husband to be missionaries to Muslims from unreached people groups, and they thought this would mean packing their bags and moving to a closed country. But then, God brought refugees to their city from the very people groups God had laid on their heart. For the past several years, Marie and her husband have been missionaries to Muslims in their city, and God is doing amazing things! Today, Marie tells stories of how God is pursuing these people they love and opening their eyes to who Jesus is.

To donate a one-time gift or to become a regular supporter of Marie and her husband, go to , and in the gift designation, write "Marie Matey" or the account number for their initiative: 014096

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