43 - Building Empathy with Audio Dramatist Paul Bae


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Paul Bae (The Big Loop, The Black Tapes) joins me to talk about building empathy, why it's important, and how he does it in his storytelling. We have a raw, candid conversation about his past & he provides tips to help others build empathy. There's also a few exclusives for fans of The Big Loop & The Black Tapes. You can find his work here: The Big Loop The Black Tapes You Suck, Sir The Big Loop Patreon Do you enjoy the show? Please leave it a rating & review to help other writers find it. Thank you to those of you who have. Looking for something to read? Why not pick up my new novel, "Chasing the Demon" on Amazon? Want more? I have a new horror short story out as well. Get your copy of "The Plant" on Amazon. Or sign up for my newsletter at my website to get it for free.

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