215 8 Reasons To Go Booze-Free May-Be


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8 Reasons To Go Booze-Free May-Be On this week’s special edition BOOZE-FREE MAY-BE* episode, I share the Top 8 highlights and Top Tips I’ve experienced thus far on my alcohol-free* month of May around:
  1. Journaling.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Mobile Phones In The Bedroom.
  4. Endorphins, Energy and Mindset.
  5. Ways To Treat Yourself and Be Kind To Yourself.
  6. Saving Money.
  7. Interpersonal relationships, Dating and not putting up with people’s bullshit.
  8. Setting & Kicking Goals.
We also feature theexclusiveaudio from our livestream interview recorded101 Tokens founder,Benny Wallington on:
  • Joy.
  • Being a small business owner and working different hours and a different kind of life.
  • Snorkelling and banana bread and activities that can get you out of your own head.
  • Flow states, sports where the stakes are high and getting out of your own head.
  • The process of given up alcohol and my first 10 days booze-free.
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