Jaclyn 'Crackers' Nicholl: NOLS - Orcas, Bulls, Snakes and Formal-Dress Up Parties


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Today we have someone who is well-known for her thrills in the oceans. She is one of the most qualified ocean sports instructors in Australia. Our guest Jaclyn 'Crackers' Nicholl today has worked in outdoor education for over 15-years in many remote and isolated regions of the world. Some of her previous employers include; the Astrailas Department of Education, David Wirrpanda Foundation, and(NOLS).

Jaclyn is a true believer that passion is key to showing students how 'fun and exciting' learning in wild places can be and her enjoyment can be infectious across the group. Her past students are living evidence that our guests today can make the ocean a solid ground of fun and excitement.Today Crackers is the owner and operator of Cracker Jack Paddle Sports which she opened in 2015, in Dampier, a small coastal town in Western Australia.

In this episode:

  • She talks about a sailing expedition where there was a moment where they could have gotten eaten by sea creatures. She takes a trip down memory lane and shares how nervous they were but it was also beautiful to witness orcas just 3 meters away from her boat. She further discusses the night stay at a point where they were invited for dinner. Later into the night, she realized that it was a fun dress-up dinner with passengers from an expedition cruise ship.
  • Roaring through the Kimberly in the dry season, she talks about hiking off trails. With the river bank being dry, she talks about how small groups were separated in search of water. Jacklyn shares her nerve-wracking incident with a wild bull who had all the time in the world to maintain vicious eye contact with her.
  • She further shares how her high school student in a course faced a snake attack. Being bitten multiple times in the crotch area by a snake? Well, you wouldn’t want to miss this story.
  • It was raining fishes when Jacklyn was enjoying her fishing sessions but snappers and oysters were the gold of it. Feeding off cold pasta and not such good food, she managed to get the entire group some good dinner and become the hero of it all.
  • Jacklyn beautifully talks about rock art. Being unprotected, there is nothing beautiful leaving things to nature. She further adds how her love for rock art grew because of the NOLS expedition.
  • Jacklyn later reveals her favorite trips and many other things during our round of rapid-fire. Her jolly, fun, and passionate personality revealed some great things in our show. www.crackerjackpaddlesports.net

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