Sarah Harvie: NOLS - Monkey's in the Amazon, Mammoth Tusks in Alaska


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Being the Talk of the town for her professional diversity and multi-faceted spirit, today we present you our amazing guest Sarah Harvie. (she spent a decade of work with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), leading month-long backpacking, backcountry skiing, whitewater canoeing, and rafting expeditions internationally.

Seeking the road less traveled, Sarah found great healing and wisdom on her long wilderness journies and in the practice of deep inner yoga. Today she lives in Canmore, Alberta, and is a Yoga instructor/trainer, massage therapist, and has completed Advanced Training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation (Upledger Institute). She is all that a professional woman of this generation has to be.

Here is my conversation with Sarah Harvie

In this episode:

  • (2:20) Sarah gives her side of the story on the amazon trip. If you guys haven’t listened to Jim’s. side of the story, go ahead and listen to that first. Sarah describes her side with the start of a two-day drive on a dirt road. While building boats, Sarah talks about how she saw a tree floating on the river next to her. She nervously talks about how the thing that she thought was the tree was an anaconda. Being sleep-deprived at their nights on the beach because of thunderstorms, Sarah hints toward how they shifted to jungle camping. She talks about finding the perfect spot for yoga and then how suddenly hearing the news from Jim about his encounter with a Jaguar shook these people.
  • (35:20) She casually talks about how her super idea of making pizza on her trip was ended by the monkey’s invasion.
  • (37:50) Sarah talks about her memorable trip to Alaska where her group accidentally found the treasure - William mammoth tusk.
  • (50:00) Sarah in awe, talks about her other trip in the snow where their ration was delayed because of the storm for 48 hours. Spending 2 days with no food and 2 with minimal food, she talks about the fun and tough times of her adventure.
  • (01:01:00) Sarah at the end reveals her favorite trips, backcountry costume, and many other things during our round of rapid-fire. Her jolly, fun, and passionate personality revealed some great insights on the show.

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