Flagship Pioneering Venture Partner: Matching Researchers and Global Challenges


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Hello and welcome to the Meaningful Business podcast. I’m Peter Stojanovic, Deputy Editor at HotTopics and your host.

Together we’re finding out how businesses and their leaders champion purpose, people and planet alongside profit - and in the process how to define and lead a meaningful business.

Today’s guest, who you’ve just heard, is Dr Paul-Peter Tak, former Chief Immunology Officer at GSK, and now founding Venture Partner for Flagship Pioneering. To date the organisation has created and directed more than 100 scientific ventures, resulting in over $30 billion in so-called aggregate value - although Dr Tak maintains that value is not the only aim. The true aim is to foster first-in-category life sciences companies that transform human health.
Almost acting like a healthcare dating platform, Flagship Pioneering matches graduates and alumni from institutions like MIT and Harvard with the teams, funding and leadership, and asks them to choose one of the world’s most pressing healthcare issues they’re willing to solve.

What has Dr Tak achieved over his career to make him determine whether a healthcare issue is pressing or not, and how successful have his incubated teams been so far?

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