NewsGuard co-CEO Interview: Online Journalism Gets Verified


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Hello and welcome to the Meaningful Business podcast. I’m Peter Stojanovic, Deputy Editor at HotTopics and your host.

Together we are going to find out how business leaders champion purpose, people and planet alongside profit - and in the process how to define and lead a meaningful business.

Our first guest, who you’ve just heard, is Stephen Brill, co-CEO of NewsGuard, a company that is synthesising technology and the expertise of industry-leading journalists to create an online tool that can fight fake news, disinformation and poor or lazy reportage.

High quality journalism is a strong indicator of a highly functioning democracy, which in turn provides a stable foundation for good business. For Stephen and his New York City-based team, therefore, this is a cause worth fighting for.

I caught up with Steven whilst he was at NewsGuard HQ in New York City, fresh from a round of hype regarding NewsGuard’s recent red-flagging of the Daily Mail, a story broken by the Guardian and gleefully shared across the internet. It’s a fun story, but will NewsGuard’s badges have the impact on online journalism they desire

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