A Fuss at the Ag Hall


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Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 1Before we get started…we recently found out that our dog, Onyx, has cancer and we can get an operation for her, but it’s about $1300.
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  • Guest host: Rachel Sperry
  • Recap of A Fuss in the Back Bush
  • Episode dive:
    • Alliterative and alphabetical open.
    • Wayne’s lookin’ fer love.
    • Stewart dating Katy.
    • Reilly and Jonesy get their comeuppance on Katy leaving them from the boys.
    • Meeting Jim Dickens
    • R&J moving to the senior ranks
    • 90s lyrics as pick-up lines
    • MoDean’s burned down
    • Roald and Devon don’t like Katy
    • “The Weekend” bit – HILARIOUS!
    • EpiPen stabathon
    • Wayne becoming Ag Hall president
    • Meeting the new hockey players
      • Yorkie
      • Shultzy
      • Fisky
      • Boomtown
    • Dink-or-Ball
    • Stewart kicked out of his own basement
    • Duck, Duck, Goose
    • Stewart couch surfing with Wayne and Katy for 2 days
    • Tyson re-match
    • The head-butt heard ’round the world.
    • “You’re 10-ply, bud.”
  • Unanswered Questions/Theories:
    • Why so much hard-core, sexual “flirting” between the McMurrays.
    • Why doesn’t the first hockey player have a name?
  • Fuck, Fight, or FERDA!
    • Lots more fuckin’ than fightin’!
  • Up next: The Election
Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music: Ol’ Grey Dog – by Hard Money Saints
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