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S06/E02 – Bush Party Season
Guest: Mitch Cole
Music: No One Sphere

Music this week: No One Sphere

Recap of S06E01 - What Could Be So Urgent

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Will Gainsborough
    • Music: Lizzie Boredom / M3$H

S06/E02 Deep Dive – Bush Party Season


  • Vmail from our buddy Erin
  • Twitter:
    • Smolder Bravestone (@marclaw69)
      • What the hell is “honey dickin”?
      • Who’s the girl on the machine in front of Shoresy (the bubble-butt/bubble-tea girl)?
      • Do the boys really smoke cigarettes or is it just their characters?
      • Do folks really line up to fight like that?
    • Discord:
      • Awesome (@ashamedofyourself)
        • First appearance of the “gun-cocking” gag
        • C-P looks like Guile from Street Fighter
        • W needs to let the idea of Gus being gay “marinate”.
        • Shoresy is an arsehole, but she LOVES his back freckles and that makes her weak.
        • The beginning of the green GHB storyline
        • The beginning of the Katy/Mennonite theories (not true though)
        • 2nd ep where W rips his shirt while fighting. 1st time was S01E01 when he fought Angie’s new dude.
End of Show:
  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • Season 6, Episode 3 – The City
    • Guest: Elizabeth Orton
  • Farewells

Music: No One Sphere
Location: Washington D.C.
WWW: https://noonesphere.bandcamp.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/noonesphere
Intro: Pictures In My Room
Outro: Friends Will Call You Out

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