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Season 3, Episode 4 - Les Hiques ***STAY TUNED THROUGH THE END FOR BREAKING NEWS*** Guest Host: Valerie Lopez

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  • Skids are Shakespearean fools
  • Defending Fartbook
  • Previous Episode Recap: MoDeans 2
  • Dan is the most "woke" in Letterkenny
  • Les Hiques deep dive
  • Fishing in Quebec
  • All-Anus Morissette
  • Dary & Wayne vs. Beavis & Butt-head
  • Shred the Red!
  • Roald vs Gae
  • F.A.K.U.
  • Cock on a vine
  • Squirelly Dan's 2nd reference to Just For Laughs
  • Dary's now sweet on Anik
  • Gae has made a blood pact with Stewart and Roald
  • Degens from up country in Quebec
  • Les Hiques team up with The Hicks to beat the degens
  • Anik hits on Dary
  • Giggling Dary
Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms:
  • More "threes"
  • Nanaimo bars - dessert bars
  • CEGEP - public college system in Quebec
  • How much is improvised vs. scripted
  • More alike than different
  • Toxic masculinity from Dan!?
  • Stewart treating Roald like a dog.
  • Good music/scoring
  • Tunefind.com to find songs from episodes
  • The politics of Letterkenny is fairly progressive
  • There's so much common ground
Fuck, Fight, FERDA!
  • Les Hiques and Anik are getting the bulk of le sexie temps!
  • Just about an even split for Fight and FERDA!
Next Episode: The Battle for Bonnie McMurray Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music: Ol' Grey Dog - by Hard Money Saints

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