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S07E04 – Letterkenny vs. Penny
Guest: Awesome
Music: Finding Freedom


  • Clip: Patrick McNeil
  • Music: Wasted

Music this week: Finding Freedom

Guest this week: Awesome

  • Introduction of guest:
    • How Are Ya Now?
    • Plugs
Recap of last episode: S07E03Nut

  • Guest: Rene Encarnacion

This week’s episode deep dive: S07E04Letterkenny vs. Penny


End of Show:

  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • S07E05 – W’s Talk, Baby
    • Guest: Jake Whitco (from Wrestlethon)
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Waiting on the Wizard
Music for this show

Band: Finding Freedom
Location: Greenville, SC

Intro: Wasted
Outro: Waiting on the Wizard

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