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Promo: Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast host: Rae Reynolds from The Womansplaining PodcastRecap of Puck BunnyDeep dive of MoDeans 2
  • New MoDean's - a bar is back in town
  • Is there such a thing as too much butt talk?
  • Dan has a question about "performins the anal sex"
  • Vagnial sex vs. Anal sex comparisons
  • Pronunciation of "bagle"
  • Shep and Kingsley leaving
  • Gus is such a great dog
  • Jivin' Pete talk
  • Who is Gae?
  • Roald and his dad
  • We love Roald
  • Smart Skids
  • Teaching the team to chirp
  • Shoresy joining the team
  • Shoresy's ass
  • Jivin' Pete chat again
  • Bonnie and Glen waitresses
  • Glen looking good this episode!
  • Would you rather...
  • Gae's story
  • Rebellion
  • Chirping praccy
  • Shoresy rocking a piss
  • More Jivin' Pete chat while snow shoveling
  • Skid attire has changed
  • F.A.K.U.
  • Jivin' Pete fight
  • Don't harass women!

Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms
  • Are those Stormy's pups?
  • Is "MoDean" Gail's last name?
  • Where is Gail getting her money?
  • Did Tanis burn down the first MoDean's?
  • "Haitian Taco"
  • How old is Gae supposed to be?
  • The repetition of the jokes in the show, like chirping, is what makes the show so funny.
  • See a repeating of the "threes"
  • How many dogs does Wayne breed?
  • Where is Glen on the Kinsey scale?
  • What was Shoresy's status before coming onto the team?
Fuck, Fight, FERDA!
  • Wayne and Shoresy are gettin' some toe-curlin' (Shoresy's not allowed to talk)
  • Shep & Kingsley are gettin' an ass-kickin'
  • Everyone else is gettin' friendly
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