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Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 3 – Relationships
  • Guest host: Victoria
  • Recap of The Election
  • Episode dive
    • Dan’s new girlfriend and the “attentions paid”
    • Wayne’s birthday pancakes
    • Katy getting Wayne to date
    • Jivin’ Pete’s nuts
    • Reilly & Jonesy hate practice
    • Wayne and the Three Dates
    • Stewart tells the hicks that he’s not talking to Katy – they throw a ball at him
    • Date #1 – Kim the feminist psychologist
    • Glen is waiting tables
    • “This one is too hard”
    • Stewart shows up at the Dollar Store to tell the Skids that he’s not talking to Katy – Devon throws a ball at him
    • Date #1 – Lisa the pre-school principal
    • Glen is selling ice cream
    • “This one is too soft”
    • Stewart tells Katy about the silent treatment – She breaks up with him – He gets hit with another ball
    • Date #3 – ANGIE!!!
    • “This one’s just right!”
    • Fake porn star sex phrases
    • Reilly & Jonesy go back to practice???
    • Stewart goes back to the Skids
    • Dance-off
  • Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts:
    • Did R&J ever leave their Jeep?
    • Is Angie cheating on her bf?
  • New terms:
    • Mad SUIs
    • Tape-to-taper
  • Fuck, Fight, or FERDA!
    • Wayne, Squirrelly Dan, the Matchmaker, and Angie are getting LOTS of sex!
    • Devon, R&J, and Lisa are TOAST!
  • Up next: The Native Flu
Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music: Ol’ Grey Dog – by Hard Money Saints

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