Season 7 Recap


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Season 7 Recap

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  • Episode S07E01 – Crack an Ag
    • Guest Host Blaine Stewart
    • Musical Guest Hard Money Saints
  • Episode S07E02 – Red Card, Yellow Card
    • Guest Host: Ruthie Love
    • Musical Guest: Hard Money Saints
  • Episode S07E03 – Nut
    • Guest Host Rene Encarnacion
    • Musical Guest Flexadecibel
  • Episode S07E04 – Letterkenny vs. Penny
    • Guest Host: Awesome
    • Musical Guest: Finding Freedom
  • Episode S07E05 – Ws Talk, Baby
    • Guest Host: Jake Whitco
    • Musical Guest: Light the Lamp
  • Episode S07E06 – In It to Win It
    • Guest Host Chris Churchman
    • Musical Guest James Hunnicutt
What’s coming up?
· Season 8 will be starting week after next· We’re hoping to have another cast member interview in during season 8.· And now…please enjoy our chat with show writer, Trevor Risk! He’s a lot of fun.
Music:Band: Light The Lamp
Intro: Bring Back the Whale
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Band: Flexadecibel
Outro: Endever
Location: Muskegon, MI
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