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Season 3, Episode 1 - Sled Shack Guest Host: Arika Gloud

Announcements:Season 2 Finale Recap: Finding Stormy a Stud

  • Sled Shack breakdown
    • First winter episode
    • Super cold open
    • Alliterative alphabetical open
    • First fight
    • Tanis' abortion
    • Wayne is pro-choice
    • Sushis and Sashimis
    • Where's Katy?
    • Building a new shack
    • Reilly and Jonesy have groupies!
    • Hockey team has no Ws
    • Katy returns (and is BLONDE!)
    • Shep and Kingsley
    • Limited edition Oreos - Mark Forward is AMAZING!
    • Devon is gone
    • Clown shows up
    • New shack built and Christened
    • Another hockey loss
    • Angie - PUCK BUNNY!
    • Degens from up country have messed up the new shack
  • Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms
    • Puck Bunny
    • Who were the natives that Wayne had to fight?
    • Was this a native bar?
    • Where did Devon go?
    • Great episode!
    • Was a tidy wrap-up of the end of season 2
    • R&J superstars!!!
  • Fuck - Fight - FERDA! - We need a theme song for this!
    • Wayne, Dan, Tanis, Rosie, and Coach are all getting LAID!
    • Shep & Kingsley, the hockey players, and Angie are due for a scrap.
    • Jonesy MIGHT get a pity fuck
  • Next Episode: Puck Bunny
Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music: Ol' Grey Dog - by Hard Money Saints

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