St. Perfect's Day


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Season 2, Episode 7 - St Perfect's Day
  • Guest: Steve Jones
  • Episode Dive:
    • This was a special episode
    • Irish Car Bomb vs. Irish Hand Grenade
    • Explaining the roots of St. Patrick's Day
    • Talk of DMT
    • Dary can't remember what happened last night
    • "Legen-Dary"
    • Episode flashbacks between today at the produce stand and last night at the ag hall
    • St. Patrick's Day dance at the ag hall
    • Hockey players getting drunk
    • Skids DJing
    • Dary dancing on his own with a drink in each hand
    • Squirelly Dan becomes Pitter Paddy
    • Sammy Sandwich vs. Pitter Paddy
    • Dary jumps Sammy to rescue Dan
    • McMurray just keeps getting more and more angry
    • Katy gives up sex for Lent, but that's postponed on St. Patrick's day, so she went to get laid
    • Katy's big entrance and hook-up with Mrs. McMurray
    • R&J keeping the degens away from Katy
    • Dary vs. Sammy, round 2
    • McMurray - Scottish/Serbian
    • Disturbia
    • Wayne's jokes
    • "Poopy pants"
    • Letterkenny vs. Degens from Up Country
    • Dary vs. Sammy, round 3
    • PARTY!
    • Katy and Mrs. McMurray with lipstick all over each other coming out of the bathroom
    • Dan keeps the Leprechaun hat
  • Thoughts/Theories/Questions
  • Fuck, Fight, FERDA
    • Pretty much FERDA for everyone.
    • Just a tiny amount of sexy time for a couple of folks
  • Up next: Season 1 and 2 Recap
Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money Saints

Outro Music: Ol' Grey Dog - by Hard Money Saints

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