Super Soft Birthday


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You can’t avoid awkward boners in 9th grade…Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 2 – Super Soft Birthday
  • Guest host: Chelsea Ireland – No Subject Podcast
  • Chelsea’s introduction to Letterkenny started off annoying
  • Dumb humor done cleverly.
  • “FERDA!!!”
  • Bring Letterkenny Live to Seattle!!!
  • This episode has a special meaning for all of us.
  • Episode 1 recap
  • Schmelts
  • Jacob Tierney’s awards for Letterkenny writting
  • Original YouTube episodes:
  • Watching with subtitles because of the face-paced dialog
  • Chelsea’s favorite line: “Big city titties, boys!”
  • Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday
  • Daryl’s awkward boners
  • Dary’s yogurt affinity
  • Ducks with boners
  • The fight lineup
    • Sled Ted
    • Rat-ass
      • Back acne
      • Shitty Wolerverine
    • Joint Boy
  • “End of the lane way. Don’t come up the property”
  • Reilly and Jonesy are afraid of Wayne
  • We all love Katy
  • The first time there’s ever been a non-monogamous character that’s normalized on a major hit TV series
  • “We’re havin’ babies”
  • Vas defrens
  • Florida State seminal vesicles
  • Accessories – Don’t go too kookie with them
  • “That’s what I appreciates about you.”
  • Banana Boat sunscreen
  • Hicks, sitting in a barn, talking about perfumes
  • Planning the super soft party
  • Rat-ass fight
  • Wayne’s no-look punch to dart pull
  • Reilly and Jonesy: fuck-ups
  • “Not very good Charlotte” / “YesFX”
  • Squirrelly Dan’s Katy crush
  • Joint Boy talk – “Surly uncles”
  • The Ginger and the ostrich
  • “Allegedly”
  • The party!
  • Wayne dislikes cream cheese like a toddler hates broccoli
  • Joint Boy and Alexander are 2nd cousins
  • The Joint Boy fight
  • Joel Gagne – A real life MMA fighter?
  • Joint Boy is a bucket of muscles
  • Tiara wants to fight (aka “fuck”) Joint Boy
  • Joel Gagne and Dominic Purcell: Separated at birth?
  • Dary and Dan chatting about how the party is really for Wayne and Katy
  • How much schneef has Squirrelly Dan done?
  • Dary: “Do you know what ‘dick dingers‘ are?”
    Dan: *pregnant pause* “Yeah…”:
  • Unanswered questions:
    • Are Wayne and Katy Jehovah’s Witnesses?
    • Where are their parents?
    • Why didn’t they celebrate their birthdays?
    • Are they orphans?
    • Does Katy have a job?
    • What city is “the city”? – Ottawa and Toronto are too far away
    • If Katy doesn’t like Daryl, why does she go through so much trouble for his birthday party?
  • “Sandos and nappies”
  • Who would Chelsea fight? – Gail
  • Surprises? – That Dary’s mom would treat him like that throughout his childhood.
  • They’re all “family”
  • Final thoughts
  • Next episode: Fartbook
    • “I could watch kids fall off bikes all day.”
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