The Haunting of MoDean's II


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Promo: Valerie Lopez/Comedy Wham! - Correction: We were wrong in Bradley is a Killer about Katy being there during Glen's initial reveal. She was NOT there. Thanks to our friend Lizzie for pointing that out to us.
Season 3, Episode 7: The Haunting of MoDean's II Wanna buy our merch? – donate? Guest: Heidi Pre-show:This episode breakdown:
  • Weather comments about the time of year
  • Samuel - the little....fucker
  • Wayne imitating Katy and Dary
  • Back-dooring and Big-leagueing
  • Breaking the 4th wall
  • Gail says MoDean's II is haunted by Uncle Eddie
  • Gail took down Uncle Eddie
  • Don't search for (or do, if you've been warned)
  • Bonnie McMurray's outfits
  • Bonnie's charity work
  • Dary's beer snobbery
  • R&J's ablibis and "swipey snipeys"
  • Accidental "tunnel buddies"
  • Tanis and nephews
  • Weather chat again
  • Uncledgedly
  • Beyonce seanceay
  • The possession of Roald
  • Premature ejac-u-lantern
  • McMurray's ghost hunting knowledge
  • Dary to drink Uncle Eddie's ale because of unfinished business
  • Wayne comes clean
  • Wayne teaches Samuel
  • Coconut's fuckin' gross asshole
Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/New Terms:
  • Katy's last name: Campbell (from Fartbook)
  • Was Wayne taught the social norms around Halloween?
  • Glen's religion?
  • Who is Jeff Davies?
  • Discussion about sexuality with Mrs. McMurray
  • Where does this fall in the timeline?
  • Long day of Bonnie costume changes/events
  • People who body-shame/slut-shame Bonnie
  • Who's got as much energy as Bonnie for all the stuff she does???
  • Wayne the quirky hero
  • Autism as a trope in media
  • Wayne's reaction when he finds out about him being Samuel's hero
  • What's Gail's lingo?
  • Tomfuckery
  • "Sure as I flick, it's a ghost doing this trick."
  • "Sittin' on your wallet."
Fuck – Fight – FERDA!
  • Wayne is getting the sex!
  • Stewart and Glen are getting a whoopin'
  • FERDA for the rest.
Final thoughts/notes:Next episode: Season 3 Recap with Tyler Johnston Interview Intro Music: 3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music: Ol’ Grey Dog – by Hard Money Saints

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