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Guest Co-Host: Dennis Gugin
This weeks band: The StarjaysS05E02 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings


(Shout-out to our buddy Kevin Wack too):Recap of S05/E01 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings
S05/E02 deep dive – The Ol’ College Try
  • Wayne had taco night too (Indian Tacos), not just the other hicks.
  • Trivia: The bar that they’re in at the beginning: Ukrainian Centre bar. Gail moved operations here when MoDean’s II burned down.
  • Theory: In the open, they end with Reilly saying “What’s this about LA?” I wonder if that’s because Dylan has shot movies in LA? Dennis said that he read that was the case. It’s known that Jared has lamented his time as an actor in LA.
  • Wayne saying “There’s no definition of a woman.” with Tanis following up “Just the same as a man.” Is extremely poignant on the representation on the show.
  • Tanis is non-monogamous. Not sure what “flavor”.
Fuck – Fight – FERDA:
  • VERY little sex happening for most, including Tanis!
  • Wayne and HRJ are catchin' hands (even Tanis getting one scrap)
  • Everyone else seems to really need a friend.
Post-show and farewells:
Cosplay Contest Winner: Casey Lehman
Casey Lehman - Squirrelly DanArtist of the week: The Starjays
Location: Seattle, WA

Album: Bang! It's the Starjays
Song: My Wild Girl

Album: Bang! It's the Starjays
Song: The Right Girl

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