We Don't Fight at Weddings


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Guest Co-Host: Awesome
This weeks band: The Lakeside DriveS05E01 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings

Pre-show: Start – 0:04:52
Recap of S4: 0:04:52 – 0:07:57
S05E01 deep dive: 0:07:57 – 0:32:47
Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations: 0:32:47 – 0:49:06
  • Why does McMurray have the Chicken Dance cassette IN HIS TRACTOR?!?!
  • Tanis has same opinion as Ron Swanson on clear alcohol.
  • Dean only likes Gene Wilder in Blazing Saddles
  • Tanis seems to be leading Wayne into the wedding
  • Katy and Tanis are okay with situational philandering
  • Spoilers for season 7 will happen – stay off social media to avoid spoilers
  • Is Dan’s kilt Scottish?
  • Sally Ann – Salvation Army
  • Why wasn’t Glen doing the wedding?
Fuck – Fight – FERDA: 49:06 - 1:00:02
  • There’s LOTS of sexy times being had with the Hicks, Tanis, and Dax & Ron.
  • FERDA for Bonnie, R&J, Roald, and McMurray
  • Stewart is getting his ass kicked AGAIN!
Post-show and farewells: 1:00:02 - End
Artist of the week: The Lakeside Drive
Location: California

Album: Everything, Always
Song: Wide Awake

Album: Everything, Always
Song: Going Places

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