#30 - August Bradley on Life Operating Systems


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Joining me this week in a special live episode is August Bradley. This was recorded a few weeks ago when I interviewed August to focus specifically on his online course, Notion Life OS. August is an expert in performance enhancements and optimization. He advises clients through complete business system overhauls.
During the course of 2020, he became known for the 'In Life Operating System' that he created in Notion, which took off through a YouTube channel - which grew from zero to 25,000 subscribers in the course of a year.
August launched his cohort-based online course on the back of that success by growing an email list and converting people who are interested in implementing the system that he taught for themselves. He learned an incredible amount during that first cohort, which was when I came into the picture, to help him start to think through what the next cohort and beyond would look like.
We have since become very close friends and collaborators on a number of projects. And I really enjoyed this conversation, unpacking lessons learned from his career, as well as his course.
Please enjoy my conversation with August Bradley.
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