Episode 4: Lobbying for a Country


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In what ways was the creation of Israel like a business startup? What did the nascent Israel lobby want from President Harry Truman and how did they approach and lobby him? Why did the U.S. State and War Departments oppose U.S. recognition of Israel? Why was the American Council for Judaism also opposed? How was Isaiah L. Kenen involved in official UN missions traveling to Palestine on behalf of the Jewish Agency? What secret documents did the Zionist movement leak to taint the Arab cause? Why did Truman resent such Zionist pressure campaigns? How did The Nation magazine help Israel's cause at a critical juncture? Who was Abraham Feinberg and why did he factor so heavily in Democratic Party fundraising for Truman and in following decades? Which Zionist group was hedging its bets by simultaneously lobbying the U.S. and Germany during WWII? The maintenance of which secrets helped advance the Zionist cause? Podcast website: https://IRmep.org

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