How She Built Her Money Systems


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We’re talking all about money systems on the show today! My guest, Joyce Washington, is a coach, consultant, and CFO. She helps her clients where they’re at, using her expertise for that area. She has been an accountant for over twenty years. She is a CPA as well, but she doesn’t do tax work. Money is her thing!

We talk about:

  • What a money system is
  • The different parts of the money system
  • Which parts you absolutely need to include in yours
  • How to automate the process to make it easy for you and your clients
  • What bookkeeping software should help with, and what you need to do yourself or hire out
  • What parts of your money system you need to be in everyday
  • The most important part of your money system
  • The checklists she created for you to help you with your money system

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