How She Created A Rockstar Team Culture


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In the world of Pinterest, Kate Ahl, is a rockstar, but what some might not realize is how large of a team she has curated at Simple Pin Media. She has a team of 40 people. A few months back, Kate hired The Launch Guild team to build and manage her membership, The Collective, and it’s been such an amazing experience to get an inside glimpse into the community and rockstar team culture that has been curated at Simple Pin. I asked Kate to come on the podcast today so we can talk #allthingsteam.

We talk about:

  • Simple Pin’s current team structure and who she has on her team
  • Where the magic happens within the team culture
  • How she manages and personalizes such a big team, and keeps that going as it grows
  • What team meetings look like and how often they happen
  • How the hiring process works
  • Tools and resources she has used to get good at team building and management
  • One thing you can start to do that will impact your team culture and growing your team

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