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Have you ever felt stuck in your business? Usually, periods of “stuckness” (yes, that’s a real word) happen right around the time we’re about to uplevel. Without even realizing it, we block ourselves from our business blessings and often make it so much harder than it needs to be.

Our guest today, Shelagh Cummins, is not only a Business Coach, she’s my business coach and she’s the perfect person to talk us through the 5 Barriers to Business Growth. Shelagh and I walk through the common themes she sees when people are stuck and how to create “power moves” to break through the barriers and hit your next level.

In this episode, we chat about…

Money/Time: One is unlimited and one infinite. When we think about them backwards, we create problems!

Discomfort: How allowing yourself to feel the discomfort and then move anyway creates bold action.

Trust & Vulnerability: Asking for help and hiring...ugh! It’s hard!

Excuses as Facts: How our mind is our biggest limit and what to do to overcome our limiting beliefs.

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