How She Hired Out to Level Up


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Hiring in your virtual support business is usually a really scary step. We know that in order to scale our businesses and be able to step into our CEO power, we have to have help. But it’s also one of those things that are super scary because we often feel like nobody else can do it as well as we can. There are all these “what if” fears that come up with hiring… What if I hire the wrong person? What if they steal my clients? My guest today, Roshni Shaikh took this leap super early in her business and is here to talk all about that process.

Roshni is a Conversion Copywriter and Brand Messaging Strategist for thriving businesses. She helps them increase sales and amplify their influence with copywriting and messaging. She started as a business blogger two years ago and kind of jumped into copywriting a year later. She has learned from the top industry experts, like John Bonini.

We talk about:

  • How and why she decided to jump so early into hiring her first team member
  • How she figured out what she could do budget-wise in order to be able to hire somebody
  • Whether the first person she hired was working on work for her clients or on her own business tasks
  • How she decided what to delegate first and what she had her first team member doing
  • How she onboarded her first team member so that she felt supported as she stepped into her business
  • The tools they use to communicate and work together
  • One thing you can do this week if you are looking to hire your first team member

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