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My guest, Gretchen DeVault, does all the things. In that way, we have a lot in common. She has a few different businesses and passions. She runs a web design and development company, does branding, runs a podcast called Lean the F*ck Out, and also does music. She is in multiple bands and writes and plays music. We are talking about podcasting today. It has become such an awesome medium for people who love long-form content, which means many virtual support pros out there are needing to learn the back end of it in order to support their clients.

We talk about:

  • How long she has had her podcast
  • Why she decided that podcasting was THE thing for her, and how she didn’t originally start it for her business but used it to share her business
  • What surprised her in her podcast journey because of what she thought would be easier or harder than it was
  • Her 3 primary phases of podcasting
  • One thing that you can look at this week to tighten up the podcasting process in your own, or your clients’, podcasts to really turn them into a well-oiled machine
  • About her airtable scheduling template that she is sharing with you

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