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Last week, in episode 51, we learned all about how to maximize our visibility in Facebook groups, while minimizing the amount of time it takes. In this episode, we’re learning how to do the same with social media content that we post on our own channels. My guest today, Jenny Suneson is going to help us make a greater impact with our content. She is the owner of Confetti Social, a social media marketing agency. I can’t wait to get started!

We cover:

  • The biggest limitations that Jenny sees for virtual support pros when they’re being inconsistent on social media
  • How we can be consistent on social media while still limiting the amount of time it takes
  • How Jenny uses SmarterQueue for Facebook and Twitter
  • What kind of content resonates really well with her audience, and how she decides what content she is creating for Facebook and Instagram
  • What she uses to schedule Instagram posts and why it’s her favorite
  • How often you should be posting if you want to stay consistent and get visible
  • One thing you can do this week to become more consistent with posting on social media
  • The SmarterQueue training video she created to help you be more productive on social media

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