How She Strategized Her Taxes


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“Tax Strategy” ugh! I know that phrase is not the sexiest of conversations in the world for most of us, but my guest today thinks it is and she helps to make taxes and money so much more comfortable for her clients (including me!). Amy Bradbury is my friend and personal CFO. She is the CEO of Empowered Profits, a full-service accounting agency for entrepreneurs and online businesses.

Amy and her team challenge the notion that old white guys are the ones that should be in charge of the money, by bringing a fresh perspective to the financial conversation, transforming feelings of anxiety around money management into confidence and clarity. Amy breaks money, taxes, bookkeeping, and more down for us today. We talk about:

  • When to start looking for a bookkeeper, accountant, and/or Virtual CFO.
  • What money strategies you need to start thinking about when your business starts growing.
  • When and why to consider an S-Corp.
  • Why you need to look at taxes all year long and not just from January 1st to April 15th
  • Two things you can do this week to prepare yourself for the upcoming tax season

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