How She Surprises and Delights Her Clients


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When many of us start our businesses, we want better lives and more freedom. Then, we get into the thick of it and lose that path. We realize that we’re really working for our business, instead of working for the life we want our business to create. My guest today, Linsi Brownson, is a life coach for entrepreneurs. She helps them live successfully and align their business so that it really supports their life. She is here to talk with me about surprising and delighting our clients, and how part of that is loving what you do and being excited about taking care of your clients.

We talk about:

  • What surprising and delighting your clients means for you and your business
  • Some examples of surprising and delighting your clients
  • How you can become indispensable to your clients
  • 3 tips for surprising and delighting your clients
  • Practical ways to do this for your long-term clients when it becomes more about being consistently supportive than surprising and delighting them
  • How surprising and delighting your client doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain healthy boundaries
  • About the Surprise and Delight Mad Lib worksheet download, she created for you

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