How She Took Maternity Leave


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Stepping out of our businesses from time to time is necessary, whether it’s to have a baby, go on vacation, or simply to enjoy some time with your family. Today on the podcast, we’re going to talk about how to prepare for extended time away and how to step back into your business after time off. My guest today, Kelsey Kerslake, is the CEO and Creative Director of Pine Gate Road, a branding and web design agency that does personal brands for experts, coaches, and thought leaders.

Kelsey and I were in a year-long mastermind together. Before she joined that mastermind, she was a solopreneur and doing everything herself, and driving herself crazy as a result. She wanted to have a baby but knew she wouldn’t be able to sustain her business the way it was at that time if she were to take time off or be able to spend more time with her baby. She started thinking about her business structure and wanted an agency model to support taking time off. She shares her journey to achieve this in today’s episode.

We talk about:

  • Some of her fears when it came to taking time off for maternity leave
  • When she started prepping for her maternity leave
  • How she figured out who she needed to hire and what kind of support she would need to achieve her goals
  • How she slowly hired out her zone of genius and how she felt about doing that
  • What she did when it came to team communication to make sure she was taking time off as she needed to
  • The first steps you can take in order to be able to step back in your own business
  • About the free course, she is sharing with you about the basics of brand strategy

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