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A lot of business growth in a short period of time is super fun, but kind of like riding a lion. It’s exciting, but you’re afraid it’s going to eat you at the same time. When it comes to a project management system, you need one that fits yours, your team’s, and your clients’ needs.

My guest today, Meridith McCarty of McCarty Virtual Services, built her business and team pretty quickly and found that she needed a robust project management system for both her team and her clients. In her search, she found Teamwork PM. We talk about:

  • Why Meridith decided on Teamwork when her team started growing
  • The benefits and features of Teamwork that she really likes
  • How it’s important to think about how your project management system will grow with you as you add team members
  • Pros and cons to using Teamwork
  • How Teamwork has a cool cost feature for startups
  • One way you can see if Teamwork is the right tool for you this week

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