How She Wows Her Clients Using Dubsado


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Dubsado is all the rage in many virtual support circles. We’re going to find out from today’s guest, Carrie Flynn of Virtual Simplicity, what she loves most about this CRM and how best to use it. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners who are overwhelmed with #allthethings learn how to simplify their businesses and lives.

Carrie is obsessed with all things systems and automation and loves helping others feel less stressed and overwhelmed. One of her favorite systems is Dubsado, which has changed many lives. Today, we talk about:

  • What Dubsado is
  • What client processes Dubsado allows you to automate and simplify
  • Which industries Dubsado works well for
  • Her top 3 favorite things about Dubsado
  • How to take it slow and learn how to use it
  • How amazing the Dubsado team is
  • One thing you can do this week to get started with Dubsado

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