Ep 33 – How These Planners Bought Their First Home And Learned Their Plan Wasn’t Enough! – Real Story #3


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Buying a house is a lot easier said than done, even for those who seem to get it all together. In this episode, the How to Buy a Home Guy, David Sidoni, interviews two first-time homebuyers, Alvin and Ashley, to share their actual experience and some first-time buyer nuggets of wisdom. These two young adults from the hoods of LA got their stuff together, made a plan, and bought a $700,000 house. How did they do it? Not without their share of struggles. Thinking they were doing everything right, Alvin and Ashley realized there are way more to tackle than they knew. It wasn’t difficult to DO, it’s just not easy to navigate without a guide. Buying a home takes some planning. Listen to this episode to learn what to expect in the actual process of buying a home.

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