148 - The Best Bug Tracking Tools


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Change log

  • EP 147 is now available. In that episode I talked about the process of fixing a bug


  • Keynote: Never stop learning, or how cursory and cross pollination drives innovation by Pauline Vos
  • Talk on OpenAPI from Rob Allen - Lots of useful resources and a guide to the Yaml configuration
  • Talk on improving your documentation by Alexandra White
  • Embrace the pitfalls (Our stop start journey to Change) by Stacy Cashmore
  • Closing keynote: Passwords are so 1990 by Sam Bellen
  • Keynote: Open source is good for business by Lorna Jane Mitchell
  • Talk on PHP fibers by Milko Kosturkov - Async PHP code
  • Talk on the blockchain and crypto (Hop on the PHP Block chain rocket to the MOON!) By Drishti Jain
  • Talk on Practical advanced static analysis by Date Liddament
  • From Betamax to VCR: Harden your API integration testing by James Second
  • Closing keynote: Leading in Tech by Michael Cullum

We have a new puppy called Goose

  • 8 Weeks old
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Super cute

I gave a talk to PHP South West (in person) and to the Symfony user group in Portugal (Remote)

I want to give a shout out to JoelTheDeveloper who I meet at PHPUK, he has a his own YouTube channel which talks about development and the mindset of devs. He’s done a great video regarding handling your ego as a developer. Please checkout his channel

Bug tracking tools

  • It doesn’t mater what tool you use as long as you have eyes on the issues
  • Friction hurts progress.
    • Tools should be easy to use
    • Easy to integrate with the current toolset
    • Easy to integrate outside of the current ecosystem
    • Low learning curve
    • Will it be self hosted
    • Can you import your current bugs/tasks
    • Can you export bugs/issues
    • What are the security implications
    • Can all devs on your team use it on their platforms
    • Does it need to be mobile friendly
  • How can it integrate well with other tools
    • Does it have an API

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