Episode 15: Creativity as a Side Hustle with Emylee Williams


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I am sure many creative entrepreneurs and business owners have struggled with this thought. Can art actually be strategic? Do you even want to make your art into a business? I am so excited to dive into this subject and so many different explorations of creativity with my guest, Emylee Williams.

Emylee is going to tackle so many topics today that you will not want to miss: how being a mom impacts the creative process, battling imposter syndrome, and why she stepped back from photography and into painting. There is encouragement, advice, and so many wonderful stories in store for you in this episode!

More Creativity in This Episode:

  • So many artists stop themselves from growing their art into a business because of the pressure of “The Test.”
  • You can have “mediocre” art and make so much money if you know how to run a business.
  • Emylee is always wondering “Is this art?”
  • You aren’t stuck with the business you have now.
  • The moment Emylee knew she was onto something.
  • Emylee is on a mission to make you feel comfortable enough to do something.
  • How painting became a release and a comfort for Emylee that is different than her business.
  • Why painting? Emylee explains.

And more!

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