HTFS 038: The Art of StorySelling Pt.1 – Dom Cappuccilli


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The Art of StorySelling

Telling a good story often comes down to how well the author relates to the audience.

The same can be said for a good salesperson.

Finding the proper way to relate to your client is the difference between closing the sale and the client walking away. Dom saw this connection and has been utilizing it to build a highly successful career.

On this episode of How to Fail Successfully, Dom shares his story of how meager beginnings and false starts in journalism, screen writing and as an author flourished into a brilliant career in sales and ultimately beginning his own booming business, The Clean Sell.

Who is Dom Cappuccilli?

After a decade long stint learning the art of storytelling, Dom went on to a sales career at ZocDoc where he rapidly rose through the ranks. From there, he became the vice president of business development at Arches Technology and then a senior consultant at JJELLYFISH where he still consults today.

Dom is also the founder of The Clean Sell, a B2B customer development execution firm that works with corporate innovation teams, established companies expanding to the U.S. market and rapid-growth startups. Dom has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs retell their sales stories in a way that effectively captures the attention of the clients they’re seeking.

We all have a story to tell, but after living that story day to day, year after year, our perspective can become narrowly skewed. Dom shows us the importance of readjusting that tunnel vision, so our story is relatable again to the largest audience possible. Its the same type of adjustment we entrepreneurs are making through this podcast, turning failures into tiny blips on life’s radar rather than giant roadblocks to our success. Thanks for listening.


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