Ep #22: Thoughts for Female Entrepreneurs to Think on Purpose


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Are you having unsupervised thinking? You’re not alone. Many of those thoughts are probably negative in some way. Here’s a list of thoughts you can think instead.

What you'll find in this episode:

  1. Your business is hard because YOU THINK IT IS!
  2. Things to think instead:
    • I’m getting better at it every day.
    • Look at what I’ve built.
    • I’m in the process of figuring it out. A la Danielle LaPorte
    • Of course it happened that way.
    • I’m totally capable.
    • I can and will ask for help.
    • I’m not alone.
    • I’m really good at failing so I can succeed.
  3. The worthiness of you is always innate. It doesn’t go away. You’ve always had it and you can never lose it.
  4. Comparing thoughts is detrimental. Other people’s wins don’t compromise yours.
  5. What would your future self tell you to do and what to think about this?
  6. Write down all the things you’re thinking that aren’t helping.

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