Ep #27: Female Entrepreneurial Burnout


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If you feel exhausted and impatient, it could be burnout. But your burnout is not because of your business. Burnout comes from your brain. Here are 5 things that are likely causing your burnout.

What you'll find in this episode:

  1. Burnout comes from your brain, and your body follows your brain. What are you indulging in your mind?
  2. Another cause of burnout is lack of decisions. Kris’ coach used to say, “Do it. Dump it. Delegate it.” Right now.
  3. Burnout comes from overworking in unproductive effort.
  4. Your lack of boundaries is also another cause of burnout. You’re too available.
  5. Another, you’re buffering. Entrepreneurs use their businesses to avoid feeling things.

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