189: How to Lose Money by Drowning in Dumb Debt with Brett Swarts


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Brett Swarts is the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, and each year he equips hundreds of business professionals with a deferred sales trust tool to help their high net worth clients solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. His experience includes numerous deferred sales trusts, Delaware statutory trusts, 1031 exchanges, and 85 million in closed commercial real estate brokers transactions. He’s an active commercial real estate broker and an investor himself with experience and holdings in multifamily, senior housing, retail, medical, office, and mixed use properties. Brett is considered one of the most well-rounded capital gains deferral experts and informative speakers on the west coast. His audiences are challenged to lean in to multiple capital gains deferral strategies, create and develop a passive cashflow wealth plan, and execute on this plan so they can create and preserve more wealth.

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