Episode 014: The Benefits of Boredom


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Boredom is the universal curse of summer break. But do not fret, my friend, because I am here to help. With five kids who are now mostly teens and young adults, I have been through a summer or two (or 20) with a houseful of bored children. And you know what I have learned? Boredom is a blessing.

I know what you are thinking: "What do you mean boredom is a blessing? My kids drive me CRAZY with their complaints about having nothing to do. When they are not complaining, they are fighting with each other. I feel like I am constantly playing referee or finding ways to entertain them so I can keep my sanity."

But what if you changed your mindset? What would happen if you decided to think of boredom as an opportunity instead of a problem?

In my experience, boredom is where creativity is born. Kids are born with wild imaginations that will never come to life unless they have unstructured time to connect with them. In other words, they must have nothing to do for long enough to get in touch with their creativity and make their own fun.

Easier said than done; I know. But this episode just might inspire you to give it a shot.

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