Episode 032: Navigating the Turbulent Teens


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From a recent poll on my Facebook page, I learned that the vast majority of parents (82% in this case) believe that raising a teenager is more difficult than raising a toddler. As a mom of teens, I understand why this is.

For starters, teens prioritize their friend group over their family. They generally don't want to hear their parents' opinion. They make big decisions that have potentially far-reaching consequences, and they are often an emotional wreck.

Yeah, the teen waters are turbulent. There is no denying that.

However, I also believe that teenagers are pretty great. If you understand that pulling away is a natural and normal part of teenage development (that we actually want so they don't live with us forever), it takes some of the fear and emotion out of the equation. And that, my friends, is half the battle.

In this episode, we talk a little about development and a lot about how parents can manage the teenage years in a positive way, keeping communication lines open and relationships strong.

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