Episode 038: Change is in the Air


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Sometimes, clarity comes after stepping away. The noise quiets and light peeks through the fog, illuminating a path that has been just out of view but now beckons with the hopeful promise of something amazing.

I have been taking a break from social media, which is always heaven-sent for me. We are steeped in mission preparation, with one day left until we send our son off on his two-year adventure. I have been trying to soak in as much time with him as possible.

In the quiet moments between orchestrating a missionary farewell and open house and all the things that go along with sending a missionary out, my mind has been filled with thoughts of this podcast and how I want to show up so I can best serve my audience. Pondering has brought clarity in my desire to tweak my direction a bit and rebrand the podcast to reflect that change.

Listen if for all the details.

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