#018 - 9 Secrets to Getting Rich


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Welcome to another episode of the How to Raise Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Ray McLennan begins by summing up some of his angel investors most recent deals, including commercial property deals, investment pots and personal funding ventures. Ray reveals the 9 Secrets To Getting Rich and that by learning what the rich and successful people, you increase your chances of success, it’s a combination of things that lead to success. Understand the compounding effect that makes it work and breeds success. Ray explains how to know your values, gain clarity and create a vision by leveraging the 9 Secrets To Getting Rich. Learn how to get more done in less time, outsource everything & create more wealth. Follow what wealthy individuals do and create Multiple Streams of Income. KEY TAKEAWAYS The 9 secrets to getting rich Leverage - If you don’t understand leverage you work too hard. If you understand what leverage is, you can get more done. The Wealth formula - Simple but profound, W = (V+E) X L (Wealth = Value + Fair Exchange X Leverage) Analyse your desire - If you want to be rich, your desire has to be red hot! You need to enjoy what it is you want to do. Cut-loose from negative influences (inc people) - Never give in and stay the course. There is negativity all around us, don’t listen to it. Ignore great ideas - Don’t go for great ideas, go for great execution. It’s the doing that makes it happen, the having of the idea is not the problem, it’s the implementation. Hire talent smarter than you - When you have the opportunity to hire someone, go for the best. Hire smart people so they can us what to do. Ownership is the real secret - An intrinsic motivation of personal pride, keep hold of every percentage point to stay keen and on course. Sell before you need - Empty your mind in negotiations, improve your body language and remove fear. Fear nothing and no-one - Operate from a position of strength. 10 Things You Need To Consider When Raising Finance Property location Borrower Loan amount Purpose of the loan Repayment terms Security of the loan Interest rate Minimum term you need the money for Notice period, how long to draw the money down Default Rate BEST MOMENTS “With your first deal, be generous.” “Ideas are 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration” Thomas Edison “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do, hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” Steve Jobs “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” VALUABLE RESOURCES Rob Moore - Life Leverage - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Leverage-Outsource-Everything-Lifestyle/dp/B01AIKDJ90 Angel Investors West Street Capital - Matt Lindsy Bench Capital - Phil Ellis SE Capital - Tom Barry BIG Property - Mark Bond ABOUT THE HOST Ray McLennan is a keynote public speaker and former corporate solicitor who has many years of experience owning and operating a variety of businesses in the UK and Ireland. Ray is the Regional Manager for Scotland & Ireland for Angels Den, which has over 13,500 high net worth Angel investors that help to find funding for property and SME businesses. Ray also helped to create Property Angels Den (PAD) in Sept 2014, which matches High Net Worth Investors with property proposals of all sizes. PAD now meets regularly and has funded dozens of property projects all over the UK. CONTACT METHOD Ray@raisingangelfinance.co.uk Maria@raisingangelfinance.co.uk Howtoraisemoney.co.uk Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/HTRM/message

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