#048 How to raise £100,000 for your business


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How to raise £100,000 for your business

Raising £100,000 might feel like climbing Mount Everest when you are just starting, or it is still the early days of your business

But it need not be that hard.

There are a few ways to get going.

Some questions to ask yourself

1. What is your business? If it is for a property? People understand that. How about an internet or tech company? Well, then you might need more money than you think and someone to invest who likes higher risk (and higher returns!!)

2. Is there security? – For property deals there probably is some well understood, solid security (which is good)

3. What is the time frame? How long do you have to raise the money? Remember that shorter time = higher costs and maybe fewer options being available. [So start raising the money sooner rather than later]

4. What risks are you prepared to take in order to get what you need? For example, are you prepared to use your own money or relatives’ and friends’ money? Maybe seek alternative funding from investors such as business angels or even venture capitalists?

Whatever you do, don’t panic! Relax and work through the alternatives.

The mantra is that if the deal is good then the money will come!

In this episode we talk about the following routes to getting £100k

1. Your Own Money

2. Family, Founders, Friends and Fools(!)

3. Your high street (sic) Bank

4. Grants

5. Government Incentives

6. Incubators

7. Business Angels

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