#046 Psychology of Borrowing Money - Why Your Beliefs Are Ruining Your Ability to Raise Money


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Ray and Nigel are back with a challenge!

Are your beliefs stopping you from raising money, handling debt and growing your property empire?

YES is the simple answer!

If you want to change them then first you have to spot them>>>

Ray and Nigel share Nick Hall's Five Categories of Beliefs

1. Core Beliefs — Your deepest convictions, core beliefs are hard-wired into your emotional brain. Putting yourself in conflict with these beliefs at work or in your personal life can heighten your susceptibility to pain and illness.

2. Cultural Beliefs — Beliefs you grew up with—acquired from political doctrines and religious institutions among other sources — cultural beliefs influence your choices and value system.

3. Hand-Me-Down Beliefs — Though they may come from any source, hand-me-down beliefs most often come from parents or grandparents when you are most impressionable. They have considerable impact on your career choices and your relationships.

4. Advertised Beliefs — The promoted myths of our culture, advertised beliefs, repeated often enough, they can impact your own way of thinking, your own beliefs.

5. Biological Beliefs — These are cues your body is exposed to at times of significant emotional experiences. Without conscious awareness, when you subsequently encounter these cues, your body believes the same circumstances exist and responds accordingly.

The Challenge

Whenever you feel a belief has shown itself - through thought or deed - then ask yourself these questions:

- Are these your beliefs or those of someone else?

- Are your beliefs based on experience?

- Can you think of times in your life when your belief system was challenged by reality?

- Have your beliefs ever kept you from achieving a goal?

- Are certain themes reflected in your beliefs?

- Are you willing to change one or more of your beliefs if they are obstacles to your goals?

- Are your beliefs serving a useful purpose?

Write down your answers and then choose to change your beliefs, step by step, little by little.

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