How to Succeed at Creating a Success Cadence


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David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training and 6-Time Best-Selling Author, talks about his new seventh book, The Success Cadence, which he co-authored with Tom Schodorf and Bart Fanelli.

The book is on sale at Also, the Kindle version is on Amazon:

Dave talks about the attitude, behavior, and techniques for unleashing a rapid growth culture at your organization.

Is there a strategy you can count on to deliver rapid, "hockey stick" growth to your company? The answer, according to David Mattson, Tom Schodorf, and Bart Fanelli, veterans of the high-tech sales wars, is “yes.” Aggressive growth depends on a critical strategic decision: the decision to invest in your sales team.

You can transform your company’s performance capacity … by consciously designing a clear daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operational cadence for yourself and your growing sales team. The Success Cadence is marketplace rocket fuel. Light it!

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