Episode 104: It Will Spread Itself On Bones!


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Rozejdzie się po kościach.

English Phonemes: “roh-ZAY-jyeh shyeh poh KOHSH-chyahh”
Literal Translation: It will spread itself on bones.
Elegant Translation: It will spread itself upon the bones.
English Equivalent: It will blow over.

This phrase has many uses, much like how “blow over” can be used in different sentences, tenses, and situations. I’m giving you the variant you are most likely to use.

I don’t want to get into the word alternatives and past tense/future tense details that exist in other usages of this phrase in this episode. Just know that there are other variations of this saying. If you are interested in an extended episode that contains these alternates, let me know!

Rozejdzie = he/she/it will spread [3rd p. singular, future tense]
Się = self [reflective helper word]
Po = onto [preposition]
Kościach = bones [plural obj. form]

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